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Vinyl has been in the music line for decades making around decades of music lovers fall far them and sound texture. Though the mode of listening to music has been changed a lot since the time of vinyl it is also true that people are willing to buy them. If we see statistically, they only compensate around 2 percent of revenues in the music sector which has no place to compete in the digital era. But an audiophile can feel the difference in vinyl sound, in a pair with speakers for vinyl, vs digital instruments as sound engineers who study music still admire the taste of these vintage products.

The difference

We see there is still a craze for retro music even in competitions there are retro rounds that makes us have a look at the old style of music. Sure, these days we have highly equipped components of modern technology yet they do not sound good all the time. But in these modern days, the quality in sound of the mp3 audio we hear is still not a good one. What we hear through apps and gadgets sounds better in a small space like in headphones and cars but in a calm huge place, we can hear the difference.

vinyl sound

If we have a problem with digital equipment’s then how about we go a little back on time and have a look at CDs. Do you want to know which is better CD or vinyl? Back when one has to keep changing the vinyl every time for music made them concentrate only on music, than a CD with which we can sit back go for even hours. But when see that comparatively more than mp3 and LP compact disks provide better dynamics in the music they play.

CD’s vs vinyl

Vinyl never let us at ease it practically demands us to look for them and focus on them when to change or rewind them we physically add effect to it. They are a lot more different than digital sound space where the music is compressed to a certain range. When it comes to sound quality CD sound as good as vinyl as they can handle more than 90 decibels of sound value. The ranging and pitch frequencies for vinyl are limited as they should not be disturbed while playing, unlike CDs where we can stop rewind, and even slow down so that we can focus and learn specific pitching very clearly.