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Wherever you go out you can see the majority of people are busy with mobile phones and headphones, the truth behind this generation people is they are getting addicted to listening to their headphones. There are so many reasons why people used to prefer the headphones it may they like to hear music while traveling, to make a call when they are outside or some other reasons.

But generally, people get confused when they are looking to buy the headphones because in the market you can see the in-ear headphones and earbuds with so many specific features that make them get confused about which to choose. In that case, to go with the better option on your need you have to understand the difference between earbuds and in-ear headphones.


The earbuds are kind of the headphones which is designed to be placed in the outer region of the ear canal and to say exactly the earbuds get placed in the concha ridge of the ear. These earbuds don’t come with any cushioning material to make you comfortable and they all come in one size. So it might fall frequently while you are using it. The earbuds are not going to be the best option for the sportsperson and travellers. But to support their customers some brands of the earbuds coming with the loops or wings to keep them in a place. When it comes to, earbuds vs in-ear headphones the earbuds can avoid the external noises so that you can get good sound effects while listening to your playlist.  

In-ear headphones

They are one of the technologically improved things and the in-ear headphones are not like the earbuds they are placed inside the ear canal. This ensures your high-quality sound experience. At the same time, the in-ear headphones are coming with a cushion that makes you comfortable when you are using it and also firmly placed inside your ear canal. You can also get different features, designs, and sizes in in-ear headphones and it going to be the very best choice for travellers and sportspersons.

You are keeping the in-ear headphones inside your ear canal so that you will get a chance of experiencing the uninterrupted musical experience.

Final verdicts

On comparison of earbuds versus in-ear headphones, you could get to know both of their unique features. By this, you can pick the one that suits you well with all your needs. This article can help you in understanding the difference between in-ear headphones and earbuds.