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People usually love their headphones because they are the source to listen to their favorite playlist whenever they get the time and the best thing about today’s headphones are they are coming with so many features like voice cancellation that makes the users comfortable. Some of those people are spending more money on buying the headphones but when it was not taken care, it may get damaged easily especially when they are exposed to water.

However, there are ways to make your earphones waterproof so you need not get worried about anything. Instead of that, you have to get to know those steps to make your headphones waterproof.


The first step to waterproof headphones you can make use of the foam covers over your headphones. These foam covers are available on any electrical stores, so the task becomes easier for you.


Followed by step one, you have to concentrate on the wires of the headphones. To protect the headphone wires you can wrap them with the electrical tape. While wrapping you have to remember that the gap between the tapes can let the water inside to try to avoid any gap in between the wrapping.

earphones waterproof


When you are out with your headphones for jogging or anything else during the winter and rainy season you can wear the cap over your headphones. That prevents the water and moisture content inside your headphones. Alternatively, you can stand under the umbrella or any shade to minimize the water amount reaches you that ensures the safety of your headphones.

You can also turn your earbuds into waterproof earbuds technically when you have an idea about it and you can get advice or help from the experts to make your headphones into a waterproof one.

Final verdicts

Before starting anything over your headphones ensure that it safeguards your headphones or else you will be binding up with wasting your money. This article can help you in making the headphones waterproof, so you can make use of it.